It is only in good times that catastrophes strike

Each time you hear the word start-up what are the first few words that pop into your brain? For starters, opportunity, learning, responsibility, innovation also coupled with risk, discomfort, inadequate resources, long hours.

So when it came for us to start forming a team and getting to work, instead of the confusion clouding us it shouted out from our candidates’ faces. For the first couple of weeks, we were enticing applicants to join us and were still unable to get them. Before it turned into a mix of fright, desperation and frustration, the realization dawned in that patience was the most imperative part we promised. After a series of unsuccessful interviews, broken promises, we finally found someone who was ready to work with us, happy and satisfied. And that one employee seemed like a blessing because the same day we had another one of our openings closed. With another two people on board, there was no turning back.

Work started and started like we had never even imagined. Within weeks we had a three employee join us and the team was ready to roll. Day in and day out was given to continuous working and planning. Even after work was done, it wasn’t really over because there was the constant pressure of not making even the tiniest mistake. Everything was catching up to the perfect pace and just then, one mistake…