Amazing, isn’t it? There are actually people out there, existing in the real world, that don’t know what MMORPG means. They also haven’t heard of Master Chief, don’t instantly know the weapons cheats for GTA 3 through San Andreas, and haven’t got the foggiest idea why people spend most of their existence holed up in rooms staring at their TVs playing games.

If you’re not a gamer and you’re reading this, you’re likely to be confused by what lies within. If you are a gamer and you’re reading this, you’re bound to find more than a few things that’ll strike a chord with you within. You are the people who truly understand just how these problems affect us all on a daily basis and, for that, we salute you.

  • Doing Crazy Things To Fix Your Hardware/Games


Rather than do the sensible things when our console/game refuses to work correctly and take it back to somewhere certified to make repairs, we instantly turn to the net to solve our problems.

Whether it’s draping the Xbox 360 in towels to apparently stop it Red Ring of Death’ing, blowing on GameBoy cartridges in the vain hope that they’ll work or something else entirely ludicrous, we’ll try them all in our quest to not be parted with our stuff for any longer than is necessary.

Who else ended up boiling their final disc of Lost Odyssey to get it to work due to the factory printing gunk on the disk? We certainly did.

  • Having A Never-Ending Backlog Of Games

giphy (1).gif

When you were a kid, life was simple. You went to school, ate some food, then gamed. You had all the time in the world, but you were quite content playing the same game over and over again because you simply didn’t have the money to do otherwise.

Then, quite suddenly, you’re an adult earning money. One game is now never enough; you’ll buy anything, as long as it’s cheap. Steam sales in particular are the most hideously appealing things ever to gamers who simply must buy everything for any amount less or equal to their bank balance.

Of course you won’t have time to actually play any of them, but it’s always nice to know they’re there, just waiting.

  • *Looks At Stat Screen* – 99%

giphy (2).gif

Ask anyone who’s played Grand Theft Auto III how long they spent looking for hidden packages, and you’ll understand.

Nowdays, with the internet everywhere and wikis and tips flying around with reckless abandon, finding everything you need on a game for 100% is easy-peasy. Back in the day though this wasn’t the case; you were instead stuck with a crappy map from a gaming magazine and had to track down every-single collectible item in the area and – almost certainly – you were guaranteed to miss just ONE and had to go through them all again to find which one it was.

There is no joy greater than the moment you find that last, hidden thing that prevented you from hitting the majestic 100% total.

  • Completely Losing Track Of Time

giphy (3).gif

You’re pretty sure you’ve only been gaming for about half an hour but once you’ve finally tear yourself away from the screen you’ve found that the world has been taken over by giant ants and the apocalypse has come.

Ok, maybe not that bad, but it’s so easy as a gamer to find yourself missing out on so much of the day as time simply seems to vanish before your very eyes when you come out of a gaming spell.

People have lost entire chunks of their lives playing RPGs – you can completely skip over an entire decade thanks to Wacraft and Skyrim combined.

  • Just Straight Up Staring At Your Games Collection, With Nothing To Play

giphy (4).gif

Your gaming collection, once a humble pile of discs scattered merrily to the winds of your house, has now grown to gargantuan size. Spending sprees, discounts and the collector in you have all combined together to make you purchase every single game known to man, giving you almost infinite choice about what to play.

Despite this, you’ll often find yourself literally sitting and staring at your gaming collection, wanting to play absolutely none of it. You may pick up a case in triumph, remember you can recall everything that happened on it, then pop it back on the shelf and the whole process starts again.

If only we erase our memories and start everything all over again.

  • How Changing The Disc Is A Thing

Come on, hands up. Which of you have all wished at some point that the big gaming console makers had removed all of the social sharing functions, motion control nonsense and invented something that’ll change our discs for us?

While you can do practically everything on a console from the comfort of your sofa or favourite squash gaming chair, you still, in the modern world no less, have to get off your backside to actually change the disc.

About 60% of the time this requires far too much effort and we’ll quite happily refuse to do so and keep playing whatever’s in just because of utter, sheer laziness.

  • Needing Every Collector’s Edition For No Real Reason

Those wily marketers. Not content with snatching away a fortune’s worth of our money already for just a game, they’ve now invented an even more expensive money-sink, the Collector’s Edition!

Of course we know that it’s just a collection of random stuff chucked in a box that somehow costs far more than usual, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want it!

Collector’s Editions are both causing a problem on our bank balances and rapidly causing us to run out of space to put the damn things. The boxes don’t usually fit in storage areas either, which is just plain inconsiderate.

  • “Just…One…More….Level”

You will go to bed after this one. Seriously, you will. You know you have to get up at Ridiculous O’clock in the morning. You’ll just finish up doing this bit, hit a nice point to stop and then go to bed. Yep. Totally will.

Before you know it, it’s now six in the morning and you’ve completely missed your chance to get any sleep whatsoever. It’s not your fault – after the bit you did there was another bit that was really exciting and gave you new things to play around with.

Then there was another bit after that…aaand another after that. If only games weren’t so damn fun!

  • Redoing A Custom Character JUST Before Completion

It’s a beautiful thing, choice. Many games now are all about choice, giving you the ability to mold your own adventure through the quests, events and even your own character’s appearance.

The latter of these is a huge task that requires much preparation and thought. You’ll more than likely spend hours wrestling with the bizarre faces the games’ system generates, constantly clicking the Random button in the hope that the next face won’t look like a cross between Colonel Gaddafi and a pile of sludge.

When you’re finally finished you can jump into the game, to which you’ll probably never see your characters face again for the next hundred hours, making the task utterly and totally pointless – yet utterly necessary dammit.

  • That Feeling When A Game Locks Up And You Can’t Remember Where You Saved

Throwing caution to the wind like a true rebel, you’ve literally spent the last four hours of a game not saving once.

Almost as if karma was serving up an extra-special dollop of humble pie, your game will, almost without a doubt, decide to completely freeze on you and force you to hit reset and lose all of your progress.

You will then not play on said game for weeks in retaliation.

Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality: The Real Battle

Although virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have existed in some form for decades, only recently have they garnered mainstream attention.

VR is blowing up right now, and its content and hardware advances have been exciting to watch.

In a short amount of time, content creators have made some mind-blowing advances in storytelling with this new technology. Brands, movie studios, gaming companies and news organizations are all tinkering with this tool and channel.

VR will gain ascendancy throughout 2016, but my money’s on AR becoming the dominant technology in our daily lives.

VR is for content

The New York Times recently distributed more than one million Google cardboards to its digital-edition subscribers. YouTube and Facebook are enabling VR online through digital video players. Everything is aligning to have VR hit critical mass next year.

VR is the only medium that guarantees the user’s complete focus on the content. There is no looking away, no checking email or text messages and no updating social-media statuses. VR is the most immersive way to tell a story because what happens inside that headset makes you feel something in your head, heart and gut.

But VR’s biggest strength is also its greatest weakness. The immersive nature of VRhinders users from interacting with their surroundings. It takes them out of the moment. They can’t walk around and see what is right next to them, look people in the eye or read someone’s body language. VR is a powerful way to experience content, but is not practical for interacting in the real world.

VR and AR tinker with our reality — but AR enhances it, while VR diverts us from it.

And therein lies the major problem with VR. Content is king, no doubt, and providing immersive experiences is the holy grail in advertising. But VRwill never become an innocuous part of our daily lives.

The real goal of advertising is not to interrupt our tasks or experiences but to add value to them on behalf of a brand. VR has already started to revolutionize the way we watch content, but will never be the technology we turn to in our everyday lives.

AR is for the real world

AR adds contextual layers of information to our experiences in real time. We have seen this future foretold in Hollywood films, such as Avatar, Minority Report, Iron Man and Wall-E, among others. Soon these depictions will become real.

However, AR has issues with execution, which tends to feel gimmicky. Remember pointing your smartphone to a print ad to get some poorly made content? Google Glass showed some innovative AR applications, but they were ultimately a failure because the hardware and technology were too broad and lacked focus on the consumer problem they were trying to solve. These examples have shown the promise of AR, but have failed to deliver on contextual utility.

Still, the future is bright for AR with several tech companies working on their AR offerings. Microsoft is working on HoloLens AR headset glasses. Developer kits are scheduled to hit the market in early 2016. Google invested in a company called Magic Leap, whose technology beams lasers into the viewer’s iris to activate AR. That future will become a reality in another year’s time.

Both VR and AR tinker with our reality — but AR enhances it, while VR diverts us from it, which is why the latter will come to the fore in 2017, with its promise of contextual data for marketers and utility for consumers.

It’s the future we were promised, and it’s closer to our grasp.

How to develop a great mobile game?

In a time when 6 year olds are getting competitive over the trivial game of Clash of Slash and Boom Beach, it is needless to say that mobile gaming could be the next big thing. And with curious developers and young minds rushing to try their luck at this ew arena, here are a few tricks that we have learned through our years of experience.

  • Know your audience

One of the first steps of many beginnings is to understand who exactly you’re targeting with your game. Are you aiming to entice the pre-school audience or your game is something that any everyday office goer would play? Not just the age, there are various parameters on which you can divide your audience such as, gender, education, language, culture, region and many more. Knowing your audience will help you understand their needs in a better way and thus develop a game that closely caters to the demand. When mixed with your creative streak and the understanding of who to focus, it won’t be a tough job to strike the bulls eye!

  • Develop a UI that even a 5 year old would easily understand

As a developer and an ardent mobile game player,  we have clearly understood that the ’skip’ button at the start of the game is the most sought-after one. A mobile game, we believe, shouldn’t be tough to understanding and the best way to achieve it by removing the buttons on screen. A cluttered mobile screen only makes the user confused thus leading them to quit the game and eventually, uninstall it.

  • Round it up with a unique hook.

Every game that has made it big in the play store has a catch. It could be the most simple thing turned around in a way that it interests everyone. And we have a myriad of examples to prove that. For starters, you remember Flappy Bird, a game that swiped the entire mobile gaming arena, but while you were trying to make that bird cross though those hurdles, ever thought that the basic idea behind the game is actually very simple. It is said that the developer took only two to three days to create and develop the game. Give ‘Candy Crush’, the same thought. Negative or positive, merely talking about the game is clear proof that the game has made an impact on you.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment

Well, you learn from experience and this is one big lesson that we have learned. Never stop yourself or your team from trying out new technology.  You never know what might strike an interest in the audience and take you a step forward to your big break.

The Google Cardboard was just a few months old when we started working on our VR title for the Play Store. While doing what everyone had been doing, we decided to set away from the clan and develop a virtual reality game. Even before stepping into a completely new arena of mobile gaming, we knew we were going to have a tough time with our first virtual reality title but it didn’t take us more than a few months to release one oft the first mobile games in virtual reality. And there has been no looking back since then. Unbelievably, he game has been getting a lot of attention and we could’t be more proud.

Give it try and let us know how would you rate it:


  • Keep a track of your KPIs

It is extremely important to know what makes the audience click on that ‘download’ button and keep coming back to play the game over and over again. Many a times, a great game looses out on the audience as it fails to identify the KPIs. There will be times when a game has to changed in a ways to take complete advantage of the KPIs. As they say, it is best to strike while the iron is hot.

  • Honour your users’ feedback

The audience is god. They make us what we are and accept it or not, if the audience doesn’t like something then it is best if it is changed. It is important that you value each and every feedback that you get about your game, well, not exactly each and every. Though it is difficult to develop a game which is perfect in everyone’s eyes, valuing customer feedback and making updates according to that, takes us a step further in the effort.

One last tip, the store is brimming with games that are easy to understand but difficult to master. So whatever you decide on developing, keep it simple and good luck!




For all those who love music but are tired of looking at expensive headphones or earbuds, this is the product for you. All that you have to do is plug the device into your phone & plug your headphones into the device & boom! The music that flows through this device is just phenomenal. Priced at just $99, this device is one a catcher to pump up your standard earphones.


ONAGOfly, The Smart Nano Drone


A tiny drone measuring 5” square and 2” tall, is the most simple & innovative way to take pictures. Imagine your personal photographer following you everywhere you want him to, without the constant poking of asking to pose. Its almost the same just the photographer being a drone which follows you around everywhere you go. Just flip the device into the air & it will follow you via a GPS connection between the device and your phone. If that gets complicated, simply control the drive through the app. Unlike other drones, the picture quality of this one unquestionable. It takes flawless selfies with a 15 megapixel camera & can also capture 1080p HD videos. Priced at $200, this is perfect photographer for your next hiking trip or the next family get together.


Kodak Super 8 Camera


This one brought back a myriad of memories. With Kodak 8 cameras, Kodak claims to the next best thing for film cameras. Putting a new & cool with the trust that comes with Kodak, the Kodak Super 8 shoots on actual 8 mm film. Though the camera looks like the old 70s Super 8 camera, it comes with an inbuilt microphone, 3.5” display & can also be connected via USB, HDMI Cable and SD Card.  The camera has been tagged at $400- $700 while the cartridges for the camera are priced at $50- $75 each, the price comes with the price of film processing and digital transfer.



Did you ever think that the mobile phone that has become a part and parcel of your life was once rubbished away as something of no importance?

Just like everything that makes it big in the world, acceptance didn’t come easy to Virtual Reality aka VR. Well in the years of the ‘50s, it was hard to agree that there could possibly be something that could take to a whole new world by simply putting them on like glasses. The concept resurfaced in the ‘90s when a few people saw potential in it and worked on a game called the Virtual Boy. This turned out to more of a blow than boost to our emerging star. With that, the gates to Virtual Reality were closed.

As history has been, anything that holds promise to change the way things are looked at, Virtual Reality came back. And this time, it was here to stay. A company called Oculus Rift based itself around the whole concept of VR came in existence. Another few years down the line, Oculus was bought by Facebook. Now we don’t need to be a genius to know someone like Mark Zuckerberg would put his money only into something that stands in a bright future.

See zombies come to life, fight a troupe away, experience standing right next to the Tyrannosaurus Rex and let the ghosts scare you away, almost in real life. Give it another a few years and a wave of change can be expected to run our way in the gaming industry. In the words of Walt Disney, “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” The dream of seeing a T-Rex isn’t a dream for long.


1. Make yourself your favourite breakfast

Food is everyone’s weak point. So treat yourself to the thing you most enjoy eating- eggs, bacon, fruit salad, vegetable sandwiches, paranthas- anything! Good food usually triggers a happy emotion in our minds. Waking up at 6 AM with absolutely no incentive is quite an unachievable thing to do. So imagine yourself in front of that scrumptious plate, and you’ll jump out of bed with a happy frame of mind.

2. Plan Something to Look Forward To

Part of the Sunday blues stems from the idea that you have to save fun activities for the weekends, while weekdays are reserved for work. But by that logic, once your Sunday ends, you have nothing to look forward to until the next weekend starts—and that can make for a long five days at the office.

Instead of letting your weekend end abruptly on Sunday night, give yourself something to look forward to early in the week. Maybe you plan dinner with friends on Monday night or a coffee date on Tuesday morning—or maybe, you even take on a longer-term mid-week activity, like a Wednesday night dinner club or bowling league. When you have something to look forward to, you’ll find that ending the weekend isn’t quite so hard.

3. Prepare for Monday—on Friday

When 4 PM on Friday rolls around, it’s hard to think about anything besides getting your weekend started—even if that means putting off a few emails, phone calls, and that report that’s due at 9:30 AM on Monday.

And now, on Sunday afternoon, reality is setting in: Everything you put off last week will be waiting when you return to your cubicle Monday morning. Who wouldn’t dread that welcome back?

To head off your Sunday blues, start preparing for your Monday morning on Friday. I know it’s easy to put off a few tasks when you have the weekend in your sights—but think about how much better it will feel when you arrive Monday morning and have no pressing tasks on your plate. So clean out your inbox, make any urgent calls, and tie up your loose ends before you leave the office on Friday. (Your relaxed, Sunday-afternoon self will thank you!)

Waving goodbye to your weekend may never be something you look forward to, but it doesn’t have to be a complete drag. By freeing up some extra time and taking full advantage of your weekend, you can cure your Sunday blues—and maybe even look forward to the week ahead.

4. Reconnect with colleagues.

A little bit of gossip never harmed anyone. If you run into the office and hit your desk first thing Monday morning, consider doing a social call first. “Just having that water cooler conversation sometimes can be a motivator to get in and get started because you’re looking forward to the social time rather than sitting down at your desk and cracking down,” says Wood.

5. Keep that smile on

Someone once told me that you have to get that job done one way or the other, why not do it with a smile? This sounds ridiculously simple, but it is also one of the prime things we forget to do. So, the next time you get bummed about Monday, make sure you smile; you’ll automatically feel the tension evaporating away. Smiling subconsciously helps you to convince yourself that it’s going to be fine. Steer away from frowning, and yes, smile a lot please!




The Deathadder 2013 uses a 6400 CPI optical sensor, has a large, well-notched scroll wheel, and two large buttons on the left side of the mouse that feel satisfying to click, but are stiff enough to prevent accidental presses. The buttons sit just above a large rubber grip pad that helps keep your thumb anchored on the mouse at all times, and they can easily be pressed without repositioning your thumb.

For the majority of games and gamers, the Deathadder 2013 is the best mouse. It’s simple where it should be, has a great optical mouse sensor that will work on both hard and cloth pads, and has the ultimate body shape for a claw or hybrid claw/palm grip. But I realize it’s not perfect for everyone—if you have a smaller hand, or need to game left-handed, or want a mouse with more features, read on. hours playing games, using Photoshop, and browsing the Internet



A second-favorite gaming mouse behind the Razer Deathadder, it shrinks the excellent right-hand ergonomics of the Kone XTD into a much smaller mouse, with a large thumb groove and two large, well-placed buttons just above it. The Pure Optical has a nicely notched, large plastic scroll wheel and a pair of DPI switch buttons. It does drop some features from the larger Kone XTD, including the scroll wheel’s ability to click left-to-right, and removable weights.

But most of what it drops is actually in its favor. It’s smaller and thus lighter, it doesn’t have the smooth plastic LED tracks around its body, which means it’s all grippy matte plastic surface, and it’s cheaper, too.


logitech g502 proteus core review - intro

It is a 121 gram monster (that’s with its weights removed, and not counting the cable), slightly longer than the Deathadder, and built to look vaguely like some kind of futuristic weapon. It also happens to have the best mouse sensor on the market. Where most gaming mice use custom-tuned variations of the same pool of Avago sensors, Logitech is still doing a ton of their own engineering work, and have fitted the mouse with 12,000 CPI sensor that can be configured to a lift-off distance of about 1mm, making it a great choice for either high or low sensitivity players.

12,000 CPI is absolutely overkill, and it would be all but impossible to play a game at that setting without massively cranking down sensitivity in-game. But mouse enthusiasts who have put the G502 to the test back up Logitech’s claim that the sensor has no smoothing at any sensitivity level, and have found that it’s acceleration- and jitter-free even at max CPI. That’s impressive: its means the mouse has a high enough maximum control rate, even at 12,000 CPI, to track fast swipes without losing accuracy.


Your voice would, literally, go places with this freshly launched Google Chrome extension. Fitting perfectly into its name, Tone, lets you share a URL from your current tab with anyone within earshot. Available for free in the Chrome Web store, it uses your sound to transfer information and the others’ speakers, and can be used on any laptop. And having used it, we can say it truly is as easy as it sounds.

As it goes, everything comes with its boons and banes, the extension being audio-based; the information being carried can be blocked by even the smallest hindrance, for example, any wall. The research tem behind the extension has announced that the alpha version was very efficient in its working but it sounded horrible. They then shifted to codec, which played the sound past the boundaries of human hearing, but as laptop microphones are developed for voice, that option didn’t work as expected.

The current version of Tone, makes use of a “dual-tone multi-frequency signaling” system, which is the same system that is used in telephones. For the perfect reception and to proffer best results, you will hear a short series of beeps when you hit the ‘Tone’ button on you Chrome browser. As soon as the laptop senses a sound, a notification will pop and once you click on the notification, the URL shared will open.

Though it is too early to say how it will perform, but being experimental, there is not much to loose. How about you download the extension from here, and let us know how it worked for you.


It seldom happens that a day passes by without you click a selfie. And a day out with the girls or the night out with the boys or the Friday night fun has no count of the number of pictures clicked. By the next morning, you see more than half of those clicks can’t go public. Not because of an order that you weren’t supposed to be having but because of the creep who kept staring and didn’t even leave the pictures.

We’ve shelled out five easy tricks to get fox common picture problems within seconds.


You’ve donned the best dress, you’ve never looked better and the pictures have, obviously, come wonderful. But each of them has something odd in the frame. One has your uncle eating, there is one where you niece seems to be hitting her younger brother and then there is one which is just perfect but you cant use it because your cousin thinks she looks fat.

Crop away all those unwanted people and area, which act as a big distraction. Choose from the set crop proportions or just use the custom option to set your own limits.

TIP: Don’t forget to save a copy of the original though most of the applications come with the option but you still stay on the safer side in case you’re using one that doesn’t.


 Situation 2: You’re taking the regular stroll with your dog and you see him doing super funny. The perfect picture for an instant instagram update, but because it is extremely easy to keep the pet static, you have about 20 blurry shots.

Easy fix, use your phone’s ‘Sharpen’ feature and your picture is perfect for uploading.

PS: Cute pet pictures are always a favorite.


Bring out the right colors in your pictures by making tiny adjustments in the color temperature of the images. Adjust the white balance or use the retro touch or my all time favorite, sepia. Though black and white makes every picture look so good.


At times, it happens that you have a very good picture in hand but the colors seem to be a little off. Push the colors a notch up by adjusting the saturation levels. But make sure you don’t take the levels way too high or the picture will look more fake than real.

Push the saturation a little too much and you’ll have the impeccable alien environment neon picture.


No picture has ever looked bad with a little more brightness. Even if you decide to skip all the above options, do this! None of those dark, shady pictures get shared or liked; the bright ones are always loved. Brighten the picture and the get ready for a number of notifications.


So, it has been a week since you have decided to hit the gym but each time the morning alarm sounds, you see nothing apart from the snooze button. Even after months of self-motivation and even longer time of negative motivation from that one friend, getting into the routine has been a pain.

But did you know, that smartphone of yours has a number of applications that can help you get into shape. We tested a number of these apps available in the store and here is a list of five top apps that you can use at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. They help, really, they do.


Get lean, get toned, get strong, or just get focused, choose from these simple-to-follow workout schedules and you’ll realize getting into the groove was never this easy. The application has over 100 workouts, which have been designed by Nike’s trainers for people of all fitness levels.

Done with one regime, jump onto the other, here are plenty of days and plenty regimes to keep you working. Each workout comes with video tutorials for perfect understanding.

(FREE: iOS, Android)


Ok, this one has actually been tried and test by almost all of us here. And each one of us can vouch for the fact that getting a notch closer to those flattering abs was never this easy. The app comes with slow motion videos and you can even choose your very own personal trainer, Daniel or Angie. The virtual training session make sure you don’t hurt yourself trying out new workouts. Start using this one and we’re telling you, strengthening your core will soon have a tick.

(FREE: iOS, Android)


We can assure you, you would never have thought your phone’s camera could help you working out better. Well, with this app installed on your phone, you can rest assured that none of your workouts be going wrong for long.

We’ve seen almost all fitness applications with tutorial videos, but Fitnet measures how well you follow through these videos. And right after the workout, it gives you instantaneous feedback to help you improve your performance.

(FREE: iOS, Android)


This one completely stands up to its name, Workout Of the Day, WOD, just makes your daily exercise session a lot more fun. Choose from a list of exercises that you want to focus on and then continue with whichever comes up first in your ‘deck of cards’. Keep going until you reach the end of the deck or your energy, whichever comes first.

(FREE: iOS, Android)

STRONGLIFTS trongLifts 5×5

You workout using this application and you will be 5 times stronger. Once you choose three lifting exercises of your preference, the application keeps encouraging you to finish 5 sets of 5 reps, thus the name, 5×5.

Not only does it prompt you to completing the exercise with the sets, it also gives you proper breaks in between each set. It also tells you when to add more weight and other improvement suggestions. Keep going through with this workout for three times a week and see a stronger you emerge.

(FREE: iOS, Android)