1. Make yourself your favourite breakfast

Food is everyone’s weak point. So treat yourself to the thing you most enjoy eating- eggs, bacon, fruit salad, vegetable sandwiches, paranthas- anything! Good food usually triggers a happy emotion in our minds. Waking up at 6 AM with absolutely no incentive is quite an unachievable thing to do. So imagine yourself in front of that scrumptious plate, and you’ll jump out of bed with a happy frame of mind.

2. Plan Something to Look Forward To

Part of the Sunday blues stems from the idea that you have to save fun activities for the weekends, while weekdays are reserved for work. But by that logic, once your Sunday ends, you have nothing to look forward to until the next weekend starts—and that can make for a long five days at the office.

Instead of letting your weekend end abruptly on Sunday night, give yourself something to look forward to early in the week. Maybe you plan dinner with friends on Monday night or a coffee date on Tuesday morning—or maybe, you even take on a longer-term mid-week activity, like a Wednesday night dinner club or bowling league. When you have something to look forward to, you’ll find that ending the weekend isn’t quite so hard.

3. Prepare for Monday—on Friday

When 4 PM on Friday rolls around, it’s hard to think about anything besides getting your weekend started—even if that means putting off a few emails, phone calls, and that report that’s due at 9:30 AM on Monday.

And now, on Sunday afternoon, reality is setting in: Everything you put off last week will be waiting when you return to your cubicle Monday morning. Who wouldn’t dread that welcome back?

To head off your Sunday blues, start preparing for your Monday morning on Friday. I know it’s easy to put off a few tasks when you have the weekend in your sights—but think about how much better it will feel when you arrive Monday morning and have no pressing tasks on your plate. So clean out your inbox, make any urgent calls, and tie up your loose ends before you leave the office on Friday. (Your relaxed, Sunday-afternoon self will thank you!)

Waving goodbye to your weekend may never be something you look forward to, but it doesn’t have to be a complete drag. By freeing up some extra time and taking full advantage of your weekend, you can cure your Sunday blues—and maybe even look forward to the week ahead.

4. Reconnect with colleagues.

A little bit of gossip never harmed anyone. If you run into the office and hit your desk first thing Monday morning, consider doing a social call first. “Just having that water cooler conversation sometimes can be a motivator to get in and get started because you’re looking forward to the social time rather than sitting down at your desk and cracking down,” says Wood.

5. Keep that smile on

Someone once told me that you have to get that job done one way or the other, why not do it with a smile? This sounds ridiculously simple, but it is also one of the prime things we forget to do. So, the next time you get bummed about Monday, make sure you smile; you’ll automatically feel the tension evaporating away. Smiling subconsciously helps you to convince yourself that it’s going to be fine. Steer away from frowning, and yes, smile a lot please!

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