Your voice would, literally, go places with this freshly launched Google Chrome extension. Fitting perfectly into its name, Tone, lets you share a URL from your current tab with anyone within earshot. Available for free in the Chrome Web store, it uses your sound to transfer information and the others’ speakers, and can be used on any laptop. And having used it, we can say it truly is as easy as it sounds.

As it goes, everything comes with its boons and banes, the extension being audio-based; the information being carried can be blocked by even the smallest hindrance, for example, any wall. The research tem behind the extension has announced that the alpha version was very efficient in its working but it sounded horrible. They then shifted to codec, which played the sound past the boundaries of human hearing, but as laptop microphones are developed for voice, that option didn’t work as expected.

The current version of Tone, makes use of a “dual-tone multi-frequency signaling” system, which is the same system that is used in telephones. For the perfect reception and to proffer best results, you will hear a short series of beeps when you hit the ‘Tone’ button on you Chrome browser. As soon as the laptop senses a sound, a notification will pop and once you click on the notification, the URL shared will open.

Though it is too early to say how it will perform, but being experimental, there is not much to loose. How about you download the extension from here, and let us know how it worked for you.

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