It seldom happens that a day passes by without you click a selfie. And a day out with the girls or the night out with the boys or the Friday night fun has no count of the number of pictures clicked. By the next morning, you see more than half of those clicks can’t go public. Not because of an order that you weren’t supposed to be having but because of the creep who kept staring and didn’t even leave the pictures.

We’ve shelled out five easy tricks to get fox common picture problems within seconds.


You’ve donned the best dress, you’ve never looked better and the pictures have, obviously, come wonderful. But each of them has something odd in the frame. One has your uncle eating, there is one where you niece seems to be hitting her younger brother and then there is one which is just perfect but you cant use it because your cousin thinks she looks fat.

Crop away all those unwanted people and area, which act as a big distraction. Choose from the set crop proportions or just use the custom option to set your own limits.

TIP: Don’t forget to save a copy of the original though most of the applications come with the option but you still stay on the safer side in case you’re using one that doesn’t.


 Situation 2: You’re taking the regular stroll with your dog and you see him doing super funny. The perfect picture for an instant instagram update, but because it is extremely easy to keep the pet static, you have about 20 blurry shots.

Easy fix, use your phone’s ‘Sharpen’ feature and your picture is perfect for uploading.

PS: Cute pet pictures are always a favorite.


Bring out the right colors in your pictures by making tiny adjustments in the color temperature of the images. Adjust the white balance or use the retro touch or my all time favorite, sepia. Though black and white makes every picture look so good.


At times, it happens that you have a very good picture in hand but the colors seem to be a little off. Push the colors a notch up by adjusting the saturation levels. But make sure you don’t take the levels way too high or the picture will look more fake than real.

Push the saturation a little too much and you’ll have the impeccable alien environment neon picture.


No picture has ever looked bad with a little more brightness. Even if you decide to skip all the above options, do this! None of those dark, shady pictures get shared or liked; the bright ones are always loved. Brighten the picture and the get ready for a number of notifications.

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