So, it has been a week since you have decided to hit the gym but each time the morning alarm sounds, you see nothing apart from the snooze button. Even after months of self-motivation and even longer time of negative motivation from that one friend, getting into the routine has been a pain.

But did you know, that smartphone of yours has a number of applications that can help you get into shape. We tested a number of these apps available in the store and here is a list of five top apps that you can use at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. They help, really, they do.


Get lean, get toned, get strong, or just get focused, choose from these simple-to-follow workout schedules and you’ll realize getting into the groove was never this easy. The application has over 100 workouts, which have been designed by Nike’s trainers for people of all fitness levels.

Done with one regime, jump onto the other, here are plenty of days and plenty regimes to keep you working. Each workout comes with video tutorials for perfect understanding.

(FREE: iOS, Android)


Ok, this one has actually been tried and test by almost all of us here. And each one of us can vouch for the fact that getting a notch closer to those flattering abs was never this easy. The app comes with slow motion videos and you can even choose your very own personal trainer, Daniel or Angie. The virtual training session make sure you don’t hurt yourself trying out new workouts. Start using this one and we’re telling you, strengthening your core will soon have a tick.

(FREE: iOS, Android)


We can assure you, you would never have thought your phone’s camera could help you working out better. Well, with this app installed on your phone, you can rest assured that none of your workouts be going wrong for long.

We’ve seen almost all fitness applications with tutorial videos, but Fitnet measures how well you follow through these videos. And right after the workout, it gives you instantaneous feedback to help you improve your performance.

(FREE: iOS, Android)


This one completely stands up to its name, Workout Of the Day, WOD, just makes your daily exercise session a lot more fun. Choose from a list of exercises that you want to focus on and then continue with whichever comes up first in your ‘deck of cards’. Keep going until you reach the end of the deck or your energy, whichever comes first.

(FREE: iOS, Android)

STRONGLIFTS trongLifts 5×5

You workout using this application and you will be 5 times stronger. Once you choose three lifting exercises of your preference, the application keeps encouraging you to finish 5 sets of 5 reps, thus the name, 5×5.

Not only does it prompt you to completing the exercise with the sets, it also gives you proper breaks in between each set. It also tells you when to add more weight and other improvement suggestions. Keep going through with this workout for three times a week and see a stronger you emerge.

(FREE: iOS, Android)

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