Over a cup of tea

It so happened on one of those dull days over a cup of hot tea, our inception. A strong bolt of lightning set off our minds on a new dimension.  Be it travelling in a metro, waiting at the doctors, downtime at work, hanging around some coffee shop, or even on the wedding day; it’s never difficult to find people glued to their Smartphone, playing some game. And trust us we all have really witnessed this. Be it Candy Crush Saga or the new craze- Minecraft, you can see it on almost every screen that you secretly peep into.

From a baby trying to learn the basics of phonetics to his grandparents, who require reminders for their medicines, technology has seeped into every nook and cranny of our lives. And just before our idea was trashed away on the pretext of non-feasibility, the news rolled up that the developer of the simplest game, Temple Run, was making oodles of money PER DAY!

Well, let’s admit it; money is what drives the world. And there’s another honest confession sir, it’s you from whom we derive our inspiration. So that‘s how the entire process of planning, researching, more planning, consultation and finally setting up kicked off; albeit, taking decisions in the initial days was a little tough. Believe it or not, however smart you feel during your college time, it all boils down to zero when the realities hit you hard on face. Bags of responsibilities weigh down the young shoulders when someone invests money with you and put in tons of faith in you.

Creeping slowly and steadily towards the apogee, our team of two is now almost ten. It’s all because of you and your unwavering belief in us that we look forward to reach the pinnacle of success.
Signing off for now as there is a super important task ahead that demands immediate attention. Will be back soon.


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