The ability to take risks. The patience to wait for the results. The perseverance to keep on going even after failed attempts. The confidence to realize your dreams. To stay motivated through thick and thin. And finally bask in the gory of your success.

Maybe that is a little something that it takes to become part of a legacy. This piece comes as a dedication to the highly efficient Indian scientists who helped the country become the first to be successful in sending a mission to Mars in its first attempt.

Downtown is something of a luxury when you have a task to achieve, and each time the weekend arrives before you know it you have a list of jobs assigned for more than those two days. When months like these finally break you down, a visit to the office is refreshing. Silence speaking and the vision board peeking, the series starts of thinking and self-motivation. With so much to achieve and half way through, resting down and looking back is totally out of question.

So, there comes the first day of the week, Monday. You’re motivated and glad, you’ve thought your ideas the right way, you’re all prepared to set the dice rolling and suddenly you realize, there is nobody listening to you.  Avoiding to name the person who faced this, but it happened. And though a couple of months back it would have sounded like an amateur talking but now, it can be definitely said with confidence, ‘been there, done that’.


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