Four success stories that will leave you amazed



You buy a new phone and among the first few games that you think of downloading in our phone is Fruit Ninja or Jetpack Joyride. You hear the name, Halfbrick, and you know the talk is about a gaming studio whose games you’re in love with. But did you also know that the studio had been working since the year 2004, around eight years before the release of Fruit Ninja. Shocking, though this might sound but it took a number of unsuccessful games to develop a game like Fruit Ninja. But with the aim clear, all it took was a team of three and six weeks to reach the first version of this game. And since then there has been no looking back for them.
A studio that was once looking at a very bleak future, learned from its mistakes and worked on each of them and the result that turned out was a game with over 300 million downloads. Just an innovative and the right path turned a bleak future into a bright one.



You’ve heard of them and you know what exactly is being referred to here and you’ve got that smile on. But did you also know that before the makers of Temple Run came up with this idea, they had already been running since quite some time. Established in the year 2008, Imangi Studios was the idea of Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, then friends and now happily married. Since 2008, it took the setback of eight games to develop the super duper hit Temple Run. From the kids around the block to the teenager in the train to the 60 year old waiting at the doctors’, this is one game that can be found in almost every smartphone. And in the phones where you won’t find it, well, re check, it might not be available for it.



Does the name ring any bells? No? How about Flappy Bird? Now, that is a name anyone would recognize. This is one story that is more than enough to understand the power of believing in you. A creation whose development was handled alone by Dong Nguyen, the $50,000 a day made it one of the most popular smartphone game. A game that went unnoticed for the initials months in the application market, took to such a high surge overnight that at a certain point too much for Nguyen. The game faced a number of complaints in regard to its difficulty, addictiveness and even resemblance to a famous game. Even with the game turning into an overnight celebrity, the developer took the game off app stores in mid February 2014. There has been speculation since then that a sequel to the same title is being developed. It is also being said that the next version will be a lot easier and less addictive. With Flappy Bird keeping all of us glued to our screens, the sequel is much awaited. 



This is a company that went through 51 setbacks before releasing the blockbuster, Angry Birds. This franchise is currently the most successful game for smartphones all across the globe. But as you see, success to Rovio didn’t come easy. And only through the holdups did the secret to success was learnt. Rovio’s strategy to become the top developer was just a simple word- diversify. From apparel to boos, to educational tools and what not, there wasn’t anywhere that Angry Birds could be missed. And what more, they are looking out to do the same for Hello Kitty.


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