Decoding the Internet of Things

Internet of Things, IoT, has been doing the rounds since quite sometime now and it seems like something that is here to stay. With a rage of the most amazing ideas, it is tough to find a home, which is not part of this new internet revolution.

Knowingly or unknowingly we have all played a part in the becoming of the Internet of Things, so why not know a little about what it is all about?

From the dictionary, The Internet of Things is a situation where objects, animals or prople are given their unique identities and are able to transfer data over a network without the need to human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Not that it needs to be put down into simpler words, an example never hurt anyone, picture this, your grandmother has chosen to stay alone but you have the responsibility of delivering her medicines to her every 15 days. You have to go all the way from work to her home, check the status of the meds, head out to pick up the medicines, hand them over to her and then you’re so tired that you simply crash into your bed. Now here is where the IoT will sort things out. The medicine bottles will be designed in such a manner that an appointment will be fixed each time the prescription is running low. The doctors will be informed if their parents are taking their medicines on time and patients with persistent problems will not have to visit the doctor time and again. The doctor will monitor something as small as blood pressure and sugar levels remotely.
Not really the gist of it all but you do get an idea of how simple life will be once we let our doors open to the world that the internet of things is weaving right now, actually, maybe right this moment there is something amazing being thought of. Don’t keep yourself away from that pool of wonder and let tiny things surprise you.


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