And it got a little too risky

After months of hard work, making decisions, running from pillar to post, interviewing people and finally getting to work, a feeling like fatigue started to set in. But it was well known fact that there was no time for fatigue. Over and over again the same thinking kept running through our brains that we had to get BIG. Well.. We almost did.

It so happens that during the development of each game, we have thorough brainstorming session. We, our team, and the ideas, we all come together and try to get the most innovative idea. It was through one of those discussions where the tiny aspects of the plan were formed. The best part was that it struck an interest in one and all present in that room. Right from the net moment each of us started discussing our individual roles. We knew the idea couldn’t be brushed off as a bad one because it was truly innovative. But the foremost question that had to answer was how long would it take to be developed? A game of that level, it was an estimate of a minimum of two months. After fixing up of the last minute glitches and bringing it to perfection, a maximum of two and a half months. And that was where all we could do was smile the ‘sorry’ smile. Being the super smart team that they are, it didn’t take a minute for each of them to understand. Shrugging off the idea as being a lot at the moment, they themselves started sprouting new ideas. So, it was forgotten. The innovative idea was buried away as time was eventually becoming a constraint for us. People had started asking question and not great but something was expected from us.

Eight months down the line, this moment of not being able to take the risk is still haunting. For not just one reason but primarily because just a couple of months back, we happen to come across a game that had been climbing the popularity ladder. We download it, each of us. But unfortunately it doesn’t spark an interest in anyone. Reason, there it was. The idea that was discussed in the same room, with the same people, just a couple of months. It took a minute for everyone to realize that but once that happened, we discussed our loss, claimed that we could have done such a better job, smiled and went back to our respective jobs.

The regret of not being able to take a risk will be hard to forget. They say business is all about taking risks, they also say it might turn out to be a boon or a bane. They never tell anyone, how it is like to see someone take the same risk as you and succeed. As they say, at some point of time in life, it is important to take a leap of faith.


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